Digital Marketing Tip – Why the L word is so important

Do you know what L word I am referring to? It’s Leverage. Leveraging your marketing and taking a tradigital approach will get you better marketing results. Get some more insights in this Vlog.


Instagram Vs Facebook: Which is more engaging?

GUEST BLOG by Jess Mackay, Gen Y Writer and Future Author

The names ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ should sound familiar to even the most technology deprived individuals. The two social media giants have emerged in the last decade to become two of the most popular and frequently used social networks of the digital age.

Although both providing a social service, Facebook and Instagram have been designed to serve very different purposes. So which social media craze is proving more engaging?

From a marketing perspective, Instagram has been labelled as ‘the best platform for marketers to connect with consumers’. This attraction comes from Instagram’s simplified photo/video upload feature that allows brands to connect directly with their intended audience in small, creative bursts. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram gets straight to the point, rather than producing a mixed feed of statuses, photos, videos and page sharing that can allow brand updates to be lost in the crowd.

Facebook’s engagement is within the variety of content it provides, however research has shown that the popularity of Facebook and Instagram might differ between age brackets. In a recent study of teenagers, Facebook has fallen to the third most used social network (45%) behind Instagram (76%) and Twitter. A further study has also shown 38% of teens note Instagram as their favourite marketing channel.

Despite Facebook continuing to dominate people’s daily average internet use with 1.35 billion active monthly users, Instagram’s easy-to-use features and simplified video and image feed, created only from users you want to follow, could be the new tool to engage with consumers, socialites and photography lovers alike. The social network grows by one user per every second, making it one of the fastest growing channels that has proved in recent years to engage a wider audience.

Who gets your vote?



Can you autocorrect humanity?

We live in a remarkable, revolutionary time where humans are more connected to technology than ever before. With technology comes the constant influx of information thrown at consumers from every which way on a daily basis. I love this video. It is the perfect example of our current situation and its impacts on our lives.

Where do I start with digital?

What I love about digital is the massive scope and opportunities made available to anyone, anywhere, anytime to promote your product. Sometimes this can be overwhelming due to the shear volume of choice. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you remember a few basic rules.

  • Keep it simple – you don’t have to spend a fortune or create fancy overcomplicated websites, CRM’s or other digital platforms. Keep it sample and start with the basics
  • How does your audience want to communicate with you? Just because you friend does Facebooks ads for their business, doesn’t mean it is right for you or your audience. Before deciding on what you need, find out where your customers are and communicate with them on those platforms
  • Do one thing at a time – you cannot launch and actively manage a heap of different digital platforms and social media all at once. Do one thing at a time. Start with building a solid website that is user friendly, easy to navigate and makes it easy for your customers to interact with you. Then look at what you need from there
  • Take a phased approach – This relates to the question above. You can’t do everything at once so set priorities and take a phased approach to implementation.

Don’t let the digital world overwhelm you. And if all else, fails just breath and reboot!