Using tradigital to become market leader

How can tradigital marketing help you lead your market and get a better ROI on your marketing dollars.

A Student’s Guide to Digital Platforms

Guest Post by Steffi Chong

Nowadays when it comes to digital platforms, we are spoilt for choice with new ones popping up everyday! However, it doesn’t mean that you should be on every digital platform. It can get a little overwhelming, even for someone like me who grew up in the digital age!  As a current student these are the main digital platforms I use and why:

Facebook is the platform that I spend most of my time on. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m addicted to it but it’s definitely a habitual thing. I’m not sure if I use it because I genuinely like it or because everyone I know uses it regularly and I enjoy feeling connected and in the loop. As an international student with most of my friends and family being in different countries, Facebook allows me to hear about their lives without actually having to make the time to speak to them.

Instagram is the digital platform that I enjoy using the most. It’s a completely straightforward and simple idea, which is ‘see photo, like photo or scroll past’. Despite its addition of advertisements, I have never felt like my Instagram experience was interrupted due to their screening of advertising content. Instagram also allows me to follow celebrities I like, online shops’ new releases, and internet-famous pets.

Twitter for me is a place where semi-close to close friends and I post unimportant thoughts throughout the day, such as venting about people cutting lines at the bus stop or proclaiming our hunger whilst sitting in a lecture hall. The people I follow on Twitter are friends, some celebrities (Roger Federer, YouTube celebrities, bloggers), television shows (Doctor Who, American Horror Story), novelty or meme accounts (@hauntedunicorn) and news updates (@breakingnews).

Next to Facebook, Reddit is the number one website I actually enjoy frequenting. Reddit is anything you want it to be and is often called the front page of the Internet. If you enjoy cute photos of animals, the subreddit /r/aww is for you; If you like seeing people showcase their photoshop skills, /r/photoshopbattles is the place to be. There truly is something for everyone on Reddit that can educate, entertain or inform.  I also love Tumblr as it’s never ending and a great way to relax and get inspired,

I use my social platforms in different ways and it’s important to remember this if you are a brand trying to engage with me.


Bring your offline, online

I have a lot of conversations with businesses who don’t know where to start online.  When I talk to them about tradigital marketing, many don’t know what it is or how to start to implement across channels. Don’t overcomplicate it, it can be as simple as leveraging traditional and digital marketing channels to get better results and more bang for their buck. Every business should be online. In today’s tech savvy world having a website is the starting with the basics and every business is at a different level of starting their digital journey. So here are a few reasons to bring your offline marketing, online ie: merging your traditional with your digital. Why you need to be using digital:

1) Compared to traditional offline marketing, digital is affordable and measureable

Most methods of digital marketing will cost you considerably less than traditional channels with a similar audience reach. But when you consider that many marketing tools online are totally free but by leveraging your marketing you’ll get more bang for your buck. This can be as simple as having the same message on your print ad as what is showing on your home page. So many businesses get this basic step wrong and it causes confusion with customers and means your marketing campaigns are less effective.

2) Digital gives you global market.

Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time and energy on market research to define your target audience. And now that you know who these people are, figuring out the most effective and efficient way to reach them comes next. And while, for many locally focussed businesses, marketing on television, radio, and print media allows them to reach a limited  local audience in their area. But for any business to take their marketing online, the audience drastically increases, and, with just a few tweaks, in many cases, it’s possible to extend products or services well beyond a local area.

3) You can see the results of your marketing efforts in real-time and immediately.

The process for creating traditional campaigns is longer due to production lead times and distribution methods however with digital you can be online and measuring results in minutes. You can see exactly what is working, where your leads and sales are coming from and you have totally control over where your campaigns are being seen. If a campaign isn’t working, it can be stopped and reworked in real-time. And better yet, it’s possible to watch the analytics of traffic and conversions in real-time as well.

If you are a business owner who is reading this article and you do not already have a strong online presence, you need to seriously consider why not, and start learning more about how combining digital with your traditional marketing can make a difference to your bottom line. If your competitors are already online (and you can bet they are) you need to be as well, or you are missing out on a considerable piece of the proverbial pie.


Are you smarter than your competitors or do you just have a bigger marketing budget?

Are you smarter than your competitors or do you just have a bigger marketing budget. Watch this Vlog and answer yourself honestly!

Starting to put the puzzle together

When you have developed your Tradigital Marketing Strategy and have some clear action plans the fun part starts with putting together all the pieces of the puzzle which is no childs play. Your strategy likely was filled with insights on your website, landing pages, social media, search marketing, blogs, video, mobile, ebooks, events and many other traditional marketing options.

Step 1 is to put all your action items into a simple word document table and list them in priority. Having them in a 2 page document makes it easy, isn’t as overwhelming than a 30 page document and gives you a clear precise picture of what you need to do in the various areas first.

Step 2 is to put some timelines and deadlines into place. You MUST allocate a deadline to it. If you do not I will guarantee it wont get done as you get ‘too busy’ and push it back to next week then next week. Before you know a year has passed and you have missed tonnes of opportunities.

Step 3 is to allocate accountabilities. Who in your team is responsible for actioning each task and by when. Hold them accountable for it, set expectations and give them clear direction. If you don’t have task them about ways you can outsource some of the tasks or just action 2-3 items per week so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Step 4 is Just bloody Do It!! Yes I just said that!  Stop with the excuses and the ‘I’m too busy mantra’ busy is no longer an excuse. Do you want to grow your business or do you want to be in the same position in 12 months time?  Stop procrastinating and      Just Do It!!


Flashmobs – the ultimate in tradigital PR

I love flashmobs! I’ve always wanted to do one and probably romanticise them a little after seeing them in movies aka: Friends with Benefits.  So why are they so successful.

Is it the unexpected? Is it the customer experience that is surprised by the flashmob? Why do people love them. In case you have been living under a rock a flashmob is a large group of people who gather in a predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse. It began in New York and relies heavily on email and digital to spread the word

One of the first flash mobs appeared in New York City in 2003, when 130 New Yorkers were called together in messages on social media to converge upon the 9th floor rug department of Macy’s. There, they bewildered salespeople for a few minutes, dancing around, and then they disbanded.

Well I cannot speak for anyone else but to me they are the ultimate in tradigital marketing. Why? They use social media and digital platforms to attract participants but eh actually end product is IRL (in real life). To get the mob together marketers need to call out to potential participants using digital channels which are highly responsive and spontaneous in real time allowing to gather people for a real life stunt. The best of both worlds combine to create a viral response which is seen in real life and amplified on digital channels. How can you not love that?

A flashmob is not for everyone and needs to be panned well in order to have the expected outcomes from the viral element.  Flash mobs emerge when communication and digital technologies amplify human talents for co-operation. Check them out for yourself here:

Using social for real time conversations & why Jetstar FAILS!

There are plenty of articles available on Google that share tips and tactics on what businesses should be doing with social media and in the importance of using it for real time conversations. Social is about two way conversation and not pushing sales and products onto your communities and fans. One of the things I love about Social media is its immediacy and ability to share information instantaneously and immediately. I get more news faster looking at Twitter than I do watching any TV channel or news program.

So the question I ask, particularly of large organisations is why do you find it so hard to use it effectively.  This blog was prompted by a recent and very negative experience with Australian budget airline carrier Jetstar.

It’s common sense that in times when there is a natural disaster like a cyclone people naturally want information that will affect their movements over the coming days. Can someone please explain this basic human nature to Jetstar.

I had to take an unexpected trip from Brisbane to Newcastle to visit my father who had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Issues to schedules and availability of flights meant I had no choice but to book Jetstar flights, despite being an avid traveller with Virgin.  The difference in service between the two carriers is massive. Virgin = positive. Jetstar = don’t even start me…!

Unfortunately my trip coincided with a cyclone hitting the QLD coastline which could affect my return flights. During the weekend myself and hundreds of other people Tweeted Jetstar and posted on their Facebook page and the lack of response was appalling. Here are my top 3 tips if you want to avoid a digital disaster as well as a natural one:

In real time social media tips:

  1. If you not going to monitor and respond on your social channels, don’t use them. It reflects badly on your brand and leads to negative customer experience and will spread like wildfire. I made close to 12 posts on Twitter and got one form response that didn’t address my complaint at all. Also multiple Facebook posts which got no response at all. And I wasn’t alone.
  2. Don’t post form responses. After not responding to clients for hours, Jetstar posted a form response which gave no update of information to their Facebook page. Causing yet more negative reaction from angry customers. You have an opportunity to share timely and relevant information, be empathetic and put yourself in your customers shoes so use this and win yourself raving fans.
  3. Understand the importance of social media during crucial times. If a natural disaster or huge event impacts your brand schedule staff to cover the increased enquiry. We live in a digital world which operates 24/7 not Mon-Fri 9-5. The small cost to add extra staff will well and truly pay for itself with increased engagement levels with customers and repeat business.

Social media 101. Jetstar needs to learn how to use social media in real time and give their current team some serious training. Better yet they should review what Virgin do and try taking a page from their book.  FYI, I did try to reach out to Jetstar execs for comment but got none which further adds to my already low opinion of them.

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