Why so many brands are getting digital customer experience wrong?

As a business entrepreneur I lost count of the number of emails I send & receive in one day. For me it’s one of the most efficient ways to collate and gather information on the run. I also engage on social, read newsletters while waiting on meetings and skim over info whilst I’m sitting in traffic (I know naughty girl right)

Given the change in the way we as consumers interact with brands it baffles me why so many get it wrong.  If I include you in a tweet, I want a response. If I email you, I want a response. If I leave a message on your facebook page, I want a response.

As a consumer I get to demand how I want you to interact with me. Not the other way around. Do you know how many sales businesses lose because they do not respond, or worse still give a form respond that doesn’t actually address a customers concern?  It happens every day!

Listen with your ears (that’s why we have 2 of them), respond quickly and don’t fob me off. That is the quickest way to guarantee I am not going to do business with you. I could name and shame a number of household names right now but I will refrain.

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns, if you are going to ignore enquiries you get. I just cannot understand it.

Just because someone is reaching out to you on a digital channel doesn’t mean it’s not an important part of the customer experience. In fact, its’ even more important so start investing some budgets on training your social media and customer service teams. If you want to give your customers a good digital experience you need to invest in it.


Digital Strategy Summit 2015

We live in a digital world and the impact that digital innovation & technology has on the changing consumer journey is vitally important for brands to recognise and understand. Digital strategy plays an important role for all businesses in order to provide a clear direction in this fast paced, evolving digital world

The team from SE Corp put on the first Digital Strategy Summit at Sheraton on the Park on 14 & 15thMay and bought together C level executives from the top companies in the country to discuss how to harness digital disruption and the velocity of digital change that is occurring.

I didn’t get to listen to all the speakers during the event as we were conducting interviews for our Having Digital Conversations series, however there did seem to be some reoccurring themes of conversation. One of which was around education and how their needs to be a change in what universities are currently delivering and introduce courses that are more relevant to the digital industry needs.

A lot of conversation also around big data with some great stats shared from Gabriel Garcia from Expedia, and how that is impacting marketing teams to understand their customer in order to introduce more programmatic style communication back to its audiences.

Digital Strategy Summit 2015

In the POD session I spoke about Tradigital being the new black and how some of the leading brands in the country were integrating digital into traditional channels and what impacts this had on customer journey. Obviously every brand is unique and has their own challenges. Several saw solutions being around programmatics, a change in mindset within the organisation and thinking in terms of collaboration across teams.

Great to be involved and congrats to SE Corp for delivering a successful Digital Strategy Summit.

Tradigital World presentation at DepotX

I love presenting to groups of business owners about Tradigital marketing and I had a blast talking at the Business Depot’s Depot X event.  Such an engaging and interested audience.

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