Are you using digital to sell?

If you have a sales team (or are a salesperson) you will be very familiar with the terms budget, targets, KPI’s and commission. I know how much work is involved in the entire process including updating CRM systems, paperwork, proposals and sales meetings. Ahhhh a boring but necessary evil of being in sales right?

So in this fast paced, ‘want it now’ world, how are you using digital in the sales process? Digital is a channel that is designed to help make life easier and more efficient so think about how you do just that. They are so many tools and this is just a small selection of tools I’ve used and found useful in the sales process. Obviously what you use will be dictates by your company and their policies but if you have a sales team then I suggest considering these and other tools to enhance your existing offering.

What should be in the salespersons initial arsenal?

  • Setting appointments: Setmore
  • Project Management: Trello
  • CRM: Asana
  • Video messaging: Eyejot
  • Proposals: Proposify
  • Leaning page: Instapages
  • Content: Canva

The less time your sales team spend on setting appointments, writing proposals and updating CRMs the more time they have in front of clients which means more $$ in your pocket. This is why investing in digital a good return for you, especially if you have multiple sales people.  Digital technology should be part of your sales team processes. If you are not using some of these tools, then you are missing out on sales due to inefficient and outdated sales practises. Imagine the value this adds if each salesperson made one extra sale per week or month just by having some additional time to see more customers. It makes perfect financial sense doesn’t it?

(I’ll be writing more about how social media can be used in the sales process in an upcoming blog)

To get your sales team more digitally savvy and working smarter, have a Digital Conversation with us


What is a Digital Concierge QandA

I have been asked a lot of questions recently about what a Digital Concierge is and how businesses can use this service. So I created a video to answer some of your questions. Yours in Digital.


Storify – another free digital tool

There are thoustands of free digital tools you can use in your business. Here is a sneak peak about just one of the 21 Free Digital Tools which is available in a free download from our homepage. If you have multiple social media channels and need to curate content, then you will love Storify.

5 digital myths exposed

You will hear all stories of claims and stories about digital and I am going to dispel 5 of those myths for you.

1. If you are told that someone can get you to page 1 in google in one month run a mile and beware of promises like this.
2. You are going to get to get huge numbers to your digital channels for free overnight
3. Having a few hundred likes on your Facebook page does not make you an expert qualified to teach others
4. Beware of overseas search companies
5. You have to be on 5 social media channels

Watch the video to get your answers.

My digital life – 10 years later….

Having had a chance to take a much needed break at Xmas, I started thinking about how to make my days more efficient come January. To start with I needed to think about the way my current day is structured and what tools and channels I use to complete the many tasks on my To Do list.  This got me thinking how vastly different my personal and work life is from 10 years ago.

10 years ago…..

  • I didn’t have a smart phone
  • I didn’t have my smart phone docked beside my bed
  • I didn’t check my emails and Facebook before I even left the bed
  • I don’t eat breakfast while checking my social media
  • I didn’t have access to so many free digital tools
  • I wasn’t on Google 100 times a day
  • I didn’t freak out I Ieft my phone for 10 minutes
  • I didn’t get hundreds of emails every day
  • I didn’t shop online
  • I rarely used Ebay or Paypal
  • I didn’t book cinema tickets online
  • I didn’t bank online
  • I’d never heard of emoji’s
  • I wasn’t accessible 24 hours a day

Think about how you use technology and how that is changing every year. In the next 10 years this is going to be hugely different again. The Internet of Things will mean everything is interconnected.

Corning give you a glimpse into life in 2015 here:


Digital in recruitment – the new rules!

digital recruitment

Some say that recruiters are up there with car salesmen when it comes to outdated methods and hard sell tactics. I’ve mostly had positive experiences and know so really I’ve people in the industry so why do they get a bad wrap?

Perception is reality and unfortunately how many recruiters position themselves using digital doesn’t help their cause. What I see constantly is exactly the opposite of what they should be happening:

– reaching out to somone using Linked In only when you want to interview them for a role you are trying to fill
– posting job ad after job ad and thinking that’s going to engage a potential candidate
– writing articles that don’t offer a client or candidate any value at all
– no WIFM factor in the communication:  it should not be about you but your clients and candidates
– doing what every other recruiter in the country is doing and wondering why you don’t standout

Digital provides a massive opportunity for recruiters to create valuable and massive networks that are engaged and not just sit on a database. (More on databases in the next blog).  Using digital channels you can find, communicate and build relationships with clients and candidates Australia wide (or across the Globe if that’s your goal). You can join in with various communities, show your expertise, share your brand culture, find prospects, build long term relationships and have two way communication. There are so many under utilised digital tools that the recruitment industry has yet to tap into.

Digital has changed the way you should be doing business. If you don’t adapt you’ll start to lose more and more market share as your smart competitors win more of the business since they have invested the time and resources into developed strong digital arresting strategies and platforms for communication.

There is a local digital recruitment company doing digital well (I’m not naming names) but they aren’t hard to find as they are the ‘un-recruiters’ of the market and aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries and leading with innovation and a new way of thinking. It’s refreshing and although they might not be everyone’s cup of tea they are authentic and the positive culture of the business is clear which I admire.

If you are in recruitment, then take an objective look at your digital visibility and how you are using digital to communicate with both clients and candidates. Chances are there is a lot of room for improvement.

And if you need a fresh perspective then start with a Digital Audit: