Add some sparkle to your digital personality

As a business it is important to show a personality that reflects the brand culture. Remember you are doing business with people so a human and relatable element to what you do is vital for success.

You can add a little bit of sparkle to your digital personality. Even in the most traditional business types there is no room for drab or boring. People want to do business with people they like and can relate to. Boring does not cut it anymore!

It is possible to mix fun & personality with business and this the best place to do this is in your language and content on your digital channels, starting with your website.  The words and language you use should reflect what you do. I have so many conversations with businesses who tell me one thing but their story does not even remotely be seen on their website. There is a total disconnect!

The other key area is in the content you create. Social media, blogs, video, podcasts, Fact Sheets, whatever the format or channel, you ca add your own touch of sparkle or personality to it.

Who does this well?  Brands and people that don’t apologise for being who they are but celebrate their uniqueness. Think Gary van Der Chuck, Marie Forleo, Michelle Bridges, Black Milk Clothing, Air BnB, Uber & Boost Juice. They are not afraid to be a little quirky, outside the norm and prefer authenticity to perfection and their audiences LOVE them for it.

Here are some tips to help you add some sparkle to your digital personality:

  • Be authentically you –authenticity is a vital component of great digital content. It is why the most successful companies are where they are. Their customers relate to them on their level and even though they might not be perfect, they are authentic.
  • Don’t pretend, be fake or try and be someone you are not – I love Oprah but I am not going to copy her style or try to be someone I am not. People can see through fake!
  • Don’t apologise for being who you are – not everyone will like you and that is OK. You can choose to do business with people you like spending time with. Life is too short to have to deal with people who don’t appreciate you
  • Use different formats & channels – try video, podcasts, fun meme’s or cartoons. Find what works for you, your personality and your audience. Mix it up, test it and refine.
  • Share your story – we all have a unique story to share. Your About Us page should reflect this and doesn’t need to take the same format as every other page out there

Digital doesn’t have to be boring. In fact being boring and highly polished will probably work against you in this personalised fast pace world we live in. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of sparkle and remember to always be you.

My personal mantra is ‘Never let anyone dull your sparkle’


Budweiser is one of the best and most creative brands in the world – why I love them?

Budweiser has never been afraid to push the boundaries and be uniquely them in their advertising campaigns. They don’t apologise for it and embrace their uniqueness.  If you have haven’t seen these campaigns then watch them and understand why they are so damn amazing!

Real men of Genius radio series

Puppy Adoption

Lost Puppy (you might need tissues to watch this one)

Why so many brands are getting digital customer experience wrong?

As a business entrepreneur I lost count of the number of emails I send & receive in one day. For me it’s one of the most efficient ways to collate and gather information on the run. I also engage on social, read newsletters while waiting on meetings and skim over info whilst I’m sitting in traffic (I know naughty girl right)

Given the change in the way we as consumers interact with brands it baffles me why so many get it wrong.  If I include you in a tweet, I want a response. If I email you, I want a response. If I leave a message on your facebook page, I want a response.

As a consumer I get to demand how I want you to interact with me. Not the other way around. Do you know how many sales businesses lose because they do not respond, or worse still give a form respond that doesn’t actually address a customers concern?  It happens every day!

Listen with your ears (that’s why we have 2 of them), respond quickly and don’t fob me off. That is the quickest way to guarantee I am not going to do business with you. I could name and shame a number of household names right now but I will refrain.

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns, if you are going to ignore enquiries you get. I just cannot understand it.

Just because someone is reaching out to you on a digital channel doesn’t mean it’s not an important part of the customer experience. In fact, its’ even more important so start investing some budgets on training your social media and customer service teams. If you want to give your customers a good digital experience you need to invest in it.