Automatically schedule your blogs with a click of a button

Everyone knows I love my digital tools – anything that saves me time and makes life easier is a good thing.

I recently discovered MissingLett_r. If you have a blog it creates a unique social marketing campaign, spread out over a year, minutes after you publish your next blog post.

To use it you just register your blog’s RSS feed and you’re done! When you publish a new article they automatically notify you with a personalised social marketing campaign for it. All you have to do is review and then approve it! Yes it really is that easy. Saves you have to then go and create & schedule content for your social media channels.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 19.41.31

Always a believer if you find a great product, then share it, I spoke to CEO and founder of Missinglett_r, Benjamin Dell and asked him 3 quick questions about the new service:

Where did the idea come from?

I also run a web development agency. Through that, we started noticing a trend amongst our clients that blogged. In essence, they weren’t really doing it very effectively. Some would share their new blog posts on Twitter and other social networks once (typically the day it was published), very few would remember to share it again and almost none would have a systematic plan in place to share the article over a sustained period of time. We knew there had to be a better way. Missinglettr was born at that point.

What types of businesses are using it?

We’re finding all sorts of businesses using missinglettr. From the individual at home that’s focused on building their personal brand, through to serious companies looking to extend their reach. We also work with social marketing agencies who are looking for new ways to add value to their own customers.

What’s next for Missinglett_r – world domination?

Always! But whilst we’re biding our time (and no doubt, stroking a cat with an evil glint in our eye), we’re super focused on a couple of key areas. In the short term, you can expect to see additional social networks added, as well as improved scheduling flexibility and ways in which you can better brand the content that we create for you.

This is a great tool for building your automatically building your content calender so you have a pipeline of great content being shared. They have a free plan to connect one social channel or pay $10 a month and join several. Money well spent I say.

Find it here:


Once upon a time there was a digital princess… who wrote a book

Once upon a time there was a digital princess called Tanya. She had a dream of one day writing a book that would help businesses & startups understand how to use digital to grow their business. She knew it would take many, many hours and lots of resources to make her dream come true but she did it. She didn’t need a knight in shining armour – she made it happen herself!

She was so excited that after months of work, her book – Digital Marketing Insights for Small Business – was launched into the kingdom.

She knew that the loyal subjects of the kingdom would enjoy learning how leading brands and entrepreneurs had used digital to grow their businesses from $0 to lots of zero’s. She understood the insights included in the book would be enjoyed by everyone that read it for they were very powerful and filled with much value.

The princess scoured the land in search of the perfect mix of entrepreneurs & big brands from  different industries to provide a nice cross section of the kingdom in which she lived. She was thrilled to have 21 different traders, master craftsman and artists included such as Boost Juice, Di Bella Coffee, Vita Group, RSPCA, Edible Blooms, Black Milk, Airtasker to name but a few.

The princess was tired after working on this special project but knew it was really important to share this work with the kingdom so she set out on a journey to help as many people as possible to become digitally savvy too.

digitalanya3d (6)

She was very grateful to all the amazing CEO’s, Managing Directors, business founders and Marketing Managers who took time from their business schedule to contribute their thoughts & valuable insights.

As a way of introducing her book to the kingdom, the princess wanted to give all the people that lived in the city of LinkedIn a special promotional price of $9.95 which would last for one dozen days of time. She knew they would love her offering to the city and settled back with a contented smile on her face and a decanter of the finest wine.

And she lived happily ever after. 

Click on the magic book above to get your copy. Don’t leave it or you will forget….

Are you using digital to sell?

If you have a sales team (or are a salesperson) you will be very familiar with the terms budget, targets, KPI’s and commission. I know how much work is involved in the entire process including updating CRM systems, paperwork, proposals and sales meetings. Ahhhh a boring but necessary evil of being in sales right?

So in this fast paced, ‘want it now’ world, how are you using digital in the sales process? Digital is a channel that is designed to help make life easier and more efficient so think about how you do just that. They are so many tools and this is just a small selection of tools I’ve used and found useful in the sales process. Obviously what you use will be dictates by your company and their policies but if you have a sales team then I suggest considering these and other tools to enhance your existing offering.

What should be in the salespersons initial arsenal?

  • Setting appointments: Setmore
  • Project Management: Trello
  • CRM: Asana
  • Video messaging: Eyejot
  • Proposals: Proposify
  • Leaning page: Instapages
  • Content: Canva

The less time your sales team spend on setting appointments, writing proposals and updating CRMs the more time they have in front of clients which means more $$ in your pocket. This is why investing in digital a good return for you, especially if you have multiple sales people.  Digital technology should be part of your sales team processes. If you are not using some of these tools, then you are missing out on sales due to inefficient and outdated sales practises. Imagine the value this adds if each salesperson made one extra sale per week or month just by having some additional time to see more customers. It makes perfect financial sense doesn’t it?

(I’ll be writing more about how social media can be used in the sales process in an upcoming blog)

To get your sales team more digitally savvy and working smarter, have a Digital Conversation with us


Storify – another free digital tool

There are thoustands of free digital tools you can use in your business. Here is a sneak peak about just one of the 21 Free Digital Tools which is available in a free download from our homepage. If you have multiple social media channels and need to curate content, then you will love Storify.

My digital life – 10 years later….

Having had a chance to take a much needed break at Xmas, I started thinking about how to make my days more efficient come January. To start with I needed to think about the way my current day is structured and what tools and channels I use to complete the many tasks on my To Do list.  This got me thinking how vastly different my personal and work life is from 10 years ago.

10 years ago…..

  • I didn’t have a smart phone
  • I didn’t have my smart phone docked beside my bed
  • I didn’t check my emails and Facebook before I even left the bed
  • I don’t eat breakfast while checking my social media
  • I didn’t have access to so many free digital tools
  • I wasn’t on Google 100 times a day
  • I didn’t freak out I Ieft my phone for 10 minutes
  • I didn’t get hundreds of emails every day
  • I didn’t shop online
  • I rarely used Ebay or Paypal
  • I didn’t book cinema tickets online
  • I didn’t bank online
  • I’d never heard of emoji’s
  • I wasn’t accessible 24 hours a day

Think about how you use technology and how that is changing every year. In the next 10 years this is going to be hugely different again. The Internet of Things will mean everything is interconnected.

Corning give you a glimpse into life in 2015 here:


Now there is an excuse to Blab

Blab, a live-streaming video platform, has many great features for connecting with and growing your audience. introduces a mobile and functional desktop experience that allows up to four video streams at once with the click of a button.  You just log in using your Twitter account and you are ready to start blabbing.

A great feature of using Blab is that unlike Meerkat or Periscope which are mobile-only and are mostly just you talking to your audience, with Blab you can have multiple on air guests making it feel more intimate and providing a sense of engagement. Another plus is that Blab’s time length is open-ended and most blabs last about an hour.

blab2 blab

If you are the moderator you can record the blab and within a minute of the end of the show, you’ll receive two links to an mp3 or mp4 with the recording which you can upload to You Tube or as a podcast if you want to share on other platforms.

You can find Blag on this link: Now you have no excuses to be blabbing all day.

Google’s Consumer Barometer helping businesses know their audiences

We know the first thing most people do when they are looking for information is to ‘google it’ right? Google also knows this and is turning the mountains of data they collect into useful information for businesses that provides real consumer insights that can support planning and decision making in the ever changing digital world

The Consumer Barometer is a free tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world. It provides insights into audiences across the world which comes in very handy when looking for data on a particular country. Just select your country of choice from the drop down menu than scroll through the various sections:

  • The online & multiscreen world
  • The smart shopper
  • The local shopper
  • The international shopper
  • The smart viewer

People are more connected than ever, with increased access across many devices, especially smartphones. Consumer Barometer helps marketers and planners understand when, how and why people use the Internet.

What I also love about it is you can create and build data based on their research using the Graph Builder tool. Select the question and the country and it will create the relevant graph. It’s a little bit obsessive!

Data in the Consumer Barometer is pulled from two sources – the core Consumer Barometer questionnaire, which is focused on the adult online population, and Connected Consumer Study, which seeks to enumerate the total adult population and is used to weight the Consumer Barometer results.

Check it out for yourself: and share this post with your clients and partners.