Automatically schedule your blogs with a click of a button

Everyone knows I love my digital tools – anything that saves me time and makes life easier is a good thing.

I recently discovered MissingLett_r. If you have a blog it creates a unique social marketing campaign, spread out over a year, minutes after you publish your next blog post.

To use it you just register your blog’s RSS feed and you’re done! When you publish a new article they automatically notify you with a personalised social marketing campaign for it. All you have to do is review and then approve it! Yes it really is that easy. Saves you have to then go and create & schedule content for your social media channels.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 19.41.31

Always a believer if you find a great product, then share it, I spoke to CEO and founder of Missinglett_r, Benjamin Dell and asked him 3 quick questions about the new service:

Where did the idea come from?

I also run a web development agency. Through that, we started noticing a trend amongst our clients that blogged. In essence, they weren’t really doing it very effectively. Some would share their new blog posts on Twitter and other social networks once (typically the day it was published), very few would remember to share it again and almost none would have a systematic plan in place to share the article over a sustained period of time. We knew there had to be a better way. Missinglettr was born at that point.

What types of businesses are using it?

We’re finding all sorts of businesses using missinglettr. From the individual at home that’s focused on building their personal brand, through to serious companies looking to extend their reach. We also work with social marketing agencies who are looking for new ways to add value to their own customers.

What’s next for Missinglett_r – world domination?

Always! But whilst we’re biding our time (and no doubt, stroking a cat with an evil glint in our eye), we’re super focused on a couple of key areas. In the short term, you can expect to see additional social networks added, as well as improved scheduling flexibility and ways in which you can better brand the content that we create for you.

This is a great tool for building your automatically building your content calender so you have a pipeline of great content being shared. They have a free plan to connect one social channel or pay $10 a month and join several. Money well spent I say.

Find it here:


How answering your email can increase your sales

One thing that always baffles me us why businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising then can’t even answer a customer enquiry via email. Why, why, why??

This makes absolutely NO sense. These are the businesses that complain that their ad campaigns didn’t work when it actual fact the received leads and traffic that the business didn’t convert because they didn’t do the simplest thing and answer the customer enquiry.

Digital advertising Rule 101 – answer customer queries. If someone is taking the time to email you they are genuinely interested in buying your product. Answer them!! Promptly!!


This one simple thing can add thousands of dollars in sales to your bottom line each year. It baffles me why so many businesses ignore email queries. Someone please explain it to me? If someone walked into your store and asked about a product would you ignore them? I don’t think so. So why do you treat them differently online?

I experience this every single day and it baffles me constantly.  And guess what, when someone doesn’t respond I wipe them forever and buy from the competitor. So you’ve not just lost this sale but future sales as well. Pretty damn stupid marketing tactic if you ask me.

Don’t be dumb. Respond to your emails and watch your sales increase.

What role the C suite plays in the digital disruption of their company

The evolution of digital into business is not just the domain of your marketing and digital teams.

Innovation comes from the top. The C suite need to be on board and fully support the digital strategy and direction if the company. This needs to filter down to the middle management and the attitudes of your customer facing stuff. So as a C level exec, what can you do to ensure that your company is digitally savyy and wont get left behind.

  1. Share the vision with the entire company

Communicate the digital direction with everyone. Having all your staff understand what you want to achieve only benefits your company. You never know where opportunities present themselves and they can often come out of left field.

  1. Think wholistically

Digital should be an integral part of your business strategy- not an afterthought or an add on. If a clear digital strategy hasn’t been established you are already behind. I guarantee your competitors are all over it. In fact I will bet big bucks that they are.

  1. Get everyone involved

It doesn’t matter if they are your COO, your digital manger or the cleaner. Get your entire team involved and on board with the vision of what you are trying to achieve on your digital channels. Your staff are your internal influencers and the power thy have to leverage your brand is huge.

  1. Encourage an innovation culture

Put initiatives in place that foster intrapreneurs, outside the box thinking and ongoing education. Create special projects with rewards that include team members from different departments and with a reward worthy of putting on your CV. If your staff know the big bosses encourage and reward innovative thinking they are more likely to go the extra mile which adds hundreds of thousands in added productivity to your bottom line.

There are no excuses for the C level not driving & encouraging their teams to be digitally savvy and find innovative ways to improve efficiencies and enhance customer experiences. It’s a triple win with the outcomes being happier staff, customers and shareholders.


Now there is an excuse to Blab

Blab, a live-streaming video platform, has many great features for connecting with and growing your audience. introduces a mobile and functional desktop experience that allows up to four video streams at once with the click of a button.  You just log in using your Twitter account and you are ready to start blabbing.

A great feature of using Blab is that unlike Meerkat or Periscope which are mobile-only and are mostly just you talking to your audience, with Blab you can have multiple on air guests making it feel more intimate and providing a sense of engagement. Another plus is that Blab’s time length is open-ended and most blabs last about an hour.

blab2 blab

If you are the moderator you can record the blab and within a minute of the end of the show, you’ll receive two links to an mp3 or mp4 with the recording which you can upload to You Tube or as a podcast if you want to share on other platforms.

You can find Blag on this link: Now you have no excuses to be blabbing all day.

Starbucks – integrating digital & coffee?

I love seeing how the worlds leading brands are using digital and integrating it into stores and the customer experience. Starbucks, always a leader in innovation and using digital tools effectively are using digital screens to tap into the tourist experience. When walking past the Times Square Starbucks, I noticed an interactive screen that people were having some fun with so of course, I had to stop & check it out.

The screen in store lets you create a digital postcard to send to people which is a cute idea. Process was simple although the touch screen wasn’t the most responsive. You just take your photo, choose a New York themed background and put in your email details. Then you receive a digital postcard to forward to family and friends.

Whilst it was entertaining it lacked a call to action whilst in store which is unexpected as a customer (I would expect to receive some sort of offer you use in store) and a lost opportunity for the brand to make a sale. You’ve got my attention then you let me walk out the door without capitalising on it??  I often rant about businesses missing the most basic of opportunities and you can see that the biggest brands in the world also do it.  (but shouldn’t they know better)?

Star2 star3


Global Café is connecting SMEs across the globe

As coordinator of the Digital Age: Innovation & Technology stream at the successful Global Café, prelude to the G20, I was one of the lucky few to be part of the team to bring this ‘once in a generation’ event to life.

Amongst the high calibre of speakers who participated was Frank Farrall, Lead Partner of Deloitte Digital. Franks presented some insightful and highly relevant statistics during his presentation, many of which I was surprised by. For example, did you know that SME’s make up over 99% of business in Australia? With this many SME’s in Australia it is surprising to see such numbers of businesses using digital for more effective business operations.

Deloitte’s research called The Connected Business showed only 16% of SME’s were using advanced digital technology in their business.  A full copy of the report is available here:

A few of the findings from the report reiterate the importance of digital to SME’s:

  • SME’s that are using digital technology are 4 times more likely to be growing when they competitors are struggling to keep up.
  • They are also generating up to $100K per employee more than competitors so they generation and engagement piece is incredible important
  • In operations and efficiency, only 25% of SME’s are using digital tools to drive business efficiency
  • Digital has bought the costs of setting up business to less than $50K whereas 10 years ago this would cost closer to $1 million

So for those Small businesses that don’t think Digital is important for you, think again!

You can see Franks presentation at Global Cafe here:


Alexis Ohainian talking Vegemite recipes, an internet connection and a few buddies

One of the great benefits of being involved in Global Café was getting to talk to and interact with inspiring digital entrepreneurs like Alexis O’hainan. From the first conference call to his presentation live at Global Café, I was inspired by his refreshing yet relatable insights into the digital world and using the internet as a platform for creativity and entrepreneurialism.

If you don’t know who Alexis is then refer to the Wikipedia description below: Alexis Ohanian (born April 24, 1983) is an American internet entrepreneuractivist and investor based in the Brooklynborough of New York City, best known for co-founding the social news website reddit, helping launch travel search website Hipmunk, and starting social enterprise Breadpig. He is a partner at Y Combinator. Yeh he knows his way around digital!!

During this live Global Café beam in Alexis made mention of searching for Vegemite recipes (see the video to get a full understanding of the context), and how having an internet connection and a few buddies transformed into a business.

One of the key insights I took from Alexis was his simplification of the internet. “The internet is an amazing platform for knowledge and gives everyone the ability to share what you create on it. Users of digital are creators, not just consumers of digital” So simple, yet such truth!

His belief when he started Reddit held true and should be the basis for every digital start up “As long we built something that people wanted, we would win”.

Global Café bought together innovators, entrepreneurs and digital experts from around the globe. And as Alexis rightly says in his presentation during the event “you don’t need to be in Silicon Valley to be successful, you can do it anywhere in the world”

Watch the video here: