How to send a personalised LinkedIn invite from your phone

If you are like me and use LinkedIn to connect and educate your audience, one of the biggest frustrations I have is not being able to send a personalised connection from my phone. Well I have just discovered a quick hack for you on how you can send personalised LinkedIn invites from your mobile (because it is bad form to send one using the terrible template they provide).

You can do it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Find the person you want to connect with

LIconnect2. Click the dropdown in the upper right corner (where the 3 dots are)

3. Select Personalise Invite


  1. Then select personalised invite


4. Write your personalised invitation and send

Abracadabra! You have now sent a personalised connection request from your phone. Wont that make life easier….




We are living in a Tradigital World

The consumer journey has vastly changed and your customers are inundated with choices from around the world. So as a business how do you compete in this environment, particularly from a marketing perspective.

One of the business issues most businesses is not having a clear plan or strategy for business growth.  How do you know how to get somewhere if you don’t know exactly where you are where you want to get to.

Almost one quarter of the world spends their time online shopping, on social networks, job hunting, making online purchases, researching and more. With an expected 3 billion people online in the next 12-18 months how do you plan to communicate with them and more importantly how are you going to leverage this with your traditional marketing

What marketing messages are you communicating to your target demographic and are you missing opportunities to connect and engage with them?  You cannot continue to do business the way you have been for last 20 years due to the business landscape being hugely different. The consumer journey is vastly different than 10, 5 even 1 year ago. There is extreme overload in the race to reach consumers with our messages so being smarter about how we approach our marketing is the only choice.

Your consumers are engaging with traditional and digital marketing in different ways. Traditional is a mass media and reaches large numbers of people and digital then converts them. So being across both platforms, and more importantly, have a synergy of message across both is vital. For example: If you advertise a sale in a print ad ensure you have it advertised on your home page to create that synergy across platform. Same message, different channel but the customer doesn’t get a disconnnection with the message you are trying to deliver.  Pretty simple stuff when you think about it.

By creating a tradigital strategy you can clearly articulate your objectives, target markets, communication channels, make clear action plans with timelines and implement tactics that engage with your audience.  Having a clear plan and focus is vital to achieving cut through and getting your customers attention.

Stop procrastinating and start putting those plans in action so you can start to see more effective results for your marketing investment.

We are living in a tradigital world.  People haven’t changed but how you have reached them has.

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