What role the C suite plays in the digital disruption of their company

The evolution of digital into business is not just the domain of your marketing and digital teams.

Innovation comes from the top. The C suite need to be on board and fully support the digital strategy and direction if the company. This needs to filter down to the middle management and the attitudes of your customer facing stuff. So as a C level exec, what can you do to ensure that your company is digitally savyy and wont get left behind.

  1. Share the vision with the entire company

Communicate the digital direction with everyone. Having all your staff understand what you want to achieve only benefits your company. You never know where opportunities present themselves and they can often come out of left field.

  1. Think wholistically

Digital should be an integral part of your business strategy- not an afterthought or an add on. If a clear digital strategy hasn’t been established you are already behind. I guarantee your competitors are all over it. In fact I will bet big bucks that they are.

  1. Get everyone involved

It doesn’t matter if they are your COO, your digital manger or the cleaner. Get your entire team involved and on board with the vision of what you are trying to achieve on your digital channels. Your staff are your internal influencers and the power thy have to leverage your brand is huge.

  1. Encourage an innovation culture

Put initiatives in place that foster intrapreneurs, outside the box thinking and ongoing education. Create special projects with rewards that include team members from different departments and with a reward worthy of putting on your CV. If your staff know the big bosses encourage and reward innovative thinking they are more likely to go the extra mile which adds hundreds of thousands in added productivity to your bottom line.

There are no excuses for the C level not driving & encouraging their teams to be digitally savvy and find innovative ways to improve efficiencies and enhance customer experiences. It’s a triple win with the outcomes being happier staff, customers and shareholders.


Do you need therapy for your social media addiction?

Talk Space is a great company I literally stumbled across while they were doing a pop up near Flatiron Building in New York. They aren’t against social media and in fact many of their employees use it, however they offer a unique service that offers therapy for people who are dependant on Social media to function. No I am not joking! This company exists to serve a real issue, born from our growing dependence on the digital world.

Research has shown that use of social media is associated with negative body image, eating disorders, depression, drives cyber bullying and can negatively impact anxiety levels and relationships (how many people liked my post) J

Talk Space  is tackling the problem head on and offer a 12 week program founded on evidence based treatment practises that address a range of mental health issues that Social media is associated with.

As a big user of social media I think it is great that there is support for people who need it but it is also sad that some people put so much emphasis on their self worth through putting so much value on the number of likes or friends they have. I wonder if these people had low self esteem before using social media?

Talkspace talkspace2

Check them out here: http://get.talkspace.com

Uniqlo – digital and fashion collide!!

Uniqlo is known for its innovative clothing using technologies to bring more warmth, more lightness, better design & comfort. So it stands to reason that they integrate digital technology into their stores. Their flagship 5th Ave New York store features digital signage throughout and the digital elements suit the brand’s culture and store environment unlike many stores which think that just sticking a digital screen on a wall is all you need to do. #fail

uniqlo  uniqlo2

The content Uniqlo have on the screens is on brand and makes sense for their brand.  As a company that is committed to the community and is socially responsible the messages are not all about driving sales but sharing the brand messages which it does very well. Coming from an avid shopper and connoisseur of great instore environments, I congratulate Uniqlo their successful integration using digital to enhance not just as an add on. It was a pleasure shopping with you (even if my credit card doesnt agree with me).

uniqlo3  uniqlo4