Not so innovative Digital in New York

Whilst exploring New York on my recent trip I was surprised that I didn’t see more digital integration in retail considering New York is supposedly the capital of digital signage let alone other cool uses for  digital technology. Most of what I saw was pretty basic and was nothing to get excited about. After all, who gets excited about advertising on screens! A few of the things I thought were somewhat interesting that could’ve been taken to a much higher level were:

  1. Digital screens above some subway stations (although most just had advertising on them)
  2. Digital drink machines in McDonalds (although a lack of digital menu boards in store was surprising)
  3. Fashion & Instagram integration in Columbus Circle (was an interesting concept however did not have a lot of signage to explain the concept)
  4. Projection (around the current political campaign) which seemed like a pop up street campaign
  5. TD Banks featured digital signage in their windows but again they were doing anything interesting with the content

digiNY DigiNY5


Whilst our trends follow those in the US, I was hoping to see much more innovation that what is currently happening over there. Some of this stuff was pretty basic and although I fell in love with the cupcake ATM and the work being done at Normal, I can’t see I was impressed with the mainly basic integrations I encountered.  Seems like there is plenty of room for improvement and at the very least for Australian brands to do it bigger and better.

C’mon Aussies, we can do so much better than this. It would be great if they came out here to see all the innovative concepts we are doing with digital, not the other way around.



Instagram Vs Facebook: Which is more engaging?

GUEST BLOG by Jess Mackay, Gen Y Writer and Future Author

The names ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ should sound familiar to even the most technology deprived individuals. The two social media giants have emerged in the last decade to become two of the most popular and frequently used social networks of the digital age.

Although both providing a social service, Facebook and Instagram have been designed to serve very different purposes. So which social media craze is proving more engaging?

From a marketing perspective, Instagram has been labelled as ‘the best platform for marketers to connect with consumers’. This attraction comes from Instagram’s simplified photo/video upload feature that allows brands to connect directly with their intended audience in small, creative bursts. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram gets straight to the point, rather than producing a mixed feed of statuses, photos, videos and page sharing that can allow brand updates to be lost in the crowd.

Facebook’s engagement is within the variety of content it provides, however research has shown that the popularity of Facebook and Instagram might differ between age brackets. In a recent study of teenagers, Facebook has fallen to the third most used social network (45%) behind Instagram (76%) and Twitter. A further study has also shown 38% of teens note Instagram as their favourite marketing channel.

Despite Facebook continuing to dominate people’s daily average internet use with 1.35 billion active monthly users, Instagram’s easy-to-use features and simplified video and image feed, created only from users you want to follow, could be the new tool to engage with consumers, socialites and photography lovers alike. The social network grows by one user per every second, making it one of the fastest growing channels that has proved in recent years to engage a wider audience.

Who gets your vote?