Automatically schedule your blogs with a click of a button

Everyone knows I love my digital tools – anything that saves me time and makes life easier is a good thing.

I recently discovered MissingLett_r. If you have a blog it creates a unique social marketing campaign, spread out over a year, minutes after you publish your next blog post.

To use it you just register your blog’s RSS feed and you’re done! When you publish a new article they automatically notify you with a personalised social marketing campaign for it. All you have to do is review and then approve it! Yes it really is that easy. Saves you have to then go and create & schedule content for your social media channels.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 19.41.31

Always a believer if you find a great product, then share it, I spoke to CEO and founder of Missinglett_r, Benjamin Dell and asked him 3 quick questions about the new service:

Where did the idea come from?

I also run a web development agency. Through that, we started noticing a trend amongst our clients that blogged. In essence, they weren’t really doing it very effectively. Some would share their new blog posts on Twitter and other social networks once (typically the day it was published), very few would remember to share it again and almost none would have a systematic plan in place to share the article over a sustained period of time. We knew there had to be a better way. Missinglettr was born at that point.

What types of businesses are using it?

We’re finding all sorts of businesses using missinglettr. From the individual at home that’s focused on building their personal brand, through to serious companies looking to extend their reach. We also work with social marketing agencies who are looking for new ways to add value to their own customers.

What’s next for Missinglett_r – world domination?

Always! But whilst we’re biding our time (and no doubt, stroking a cat with an evil glint in our eye), we’re super focused on a couple of key areas. In the short term, you can expect to see additional social networks added, as well as improved scheduling flexibility and ways in which you can better brand the content that we create for you.

This is a great tool for building your automatically building your content calender so you have a pipeline of great content being shared. They have a free plan to connect one social channel or pay $10 a month and join several. Money well spent I say.

Find it here:


Are you missing simple digital opportunities

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9/10 businesses dont see things from their customers perspective

How do you know if you are doing digital right? A digital review of audit is necessary if you want to get insights from a customers perspective.

My second favourite F word (the one that every business should use) is…

Before you start thinking about the inappropriate use of language think again and get your mind out of the gutter! There are thousands of words that start with F and have more than 4 letters. This particular F word has five letters and is one that every business owner, CEO or even a startup should know. It is Focus!

Focus is easier said than done. With so many distractions in life (and that’s even before you turn on your laptop), it is no wonder we are guilty of starting one job then getting distracted and moving onto another before we finish the first one. And the cycle continues all day right?

The definition of focus is the centre of interest or the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition. It is important as staying focused on one task = greater productivity (more important that just being busy) which equals better results and a faster growing business. It is a matter of building good habits, setting clear goals and having priorities

This is particularly true when it comes to the digital world in which we live. We are overloaded with so much information which we are told we need to know. We could all be full time students and still never keep up. As a digital specialist I understand that keeping up with a fast paced ever changing environment can be hard however here are 3 tips to successfully navigating the digital world and staying focused at the same time.

  1. Find relevant information & prioritise – Filter out the information that is not relevant to you or your business. You don’t need to read every EDM, blog or post that you see. Instead choose the most relevant to what you need currently, that aligns with your goals and diarise time each day or week to read them. Once you’ve got the relevant digital information, then prioritise what you watch, read, learn, implement.
  1. Align your digital channels to your audience – You cannot possibly use every digital platform and do it well so the key is to choose the ones that align with your audience. Eg: if your audiences doesn’t watch video, don’t spend time creating You Tube videos. Common sense prevails. Do you actually think you can maintain Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, G+, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube accounts effectively (without having a massive team of people)?? Be realistic in your expectations and always focus on what your audience needs.
  1. Outsource – It is impossible to do everything yourself. Look to engage experts in their fields to help implement while you stay focused on the task of running your business day to day.

To help you stay focused during the day block time in your calender for various tasks, including actual implementation, research & responding to emails.  I have been (and still often am) guilty of getting distracted by emails and social media so TURN THEM OFF. Schedule email or social breaks to respond and you find yourself being more focused and productive during the day.

And for the record my favourite F word is FABULOUS.

Hope you have a very FOCUSED and productive week. Let me know how successful you were.



Digital Strategy Summit 2015

We live in a digital world and the impact that digital innovation & technology has on the changing consumer journey is vitally important for brands to recognise and understand. Digital strategy plays an important role for all businesses in order to provide a clear direction in this fast paced, evolving digital world

The team from SE Corp put on the first Digital Strategy Summit at Sheraton on the Park on 14 & 15thMay and bought together C level executives from the top companies in the country to discuss how to harness digital disruption and the velocity of digital change that is occurring.

I didn’t get to listen to all the speakers during the event as we were conducting interviews for our Having Digital Conversations series, however there did seem to be some reoccurring themes of conversation. One of which was around education and how their needs to be a change in what universities are currently delivering and introduce courses that are more relevant to the digital industry needs.

A lot of conversation also around big data with some great stats shared from Gabriel Garcia from Expedia, and how that is impacting marketing teams to understand their customer in order to introduce more programmatic style communication back to its audiences.

Digital Strategy Summit 2015

In the POD session I spoke about Tradigital being the new black and how some of the leading brands in the country were integrating digital into traditional channels and what impacts this had on customer journey. Obviously every brand is unique and has their own challenges. Several saw solutions being around programmatics, a change in mindset within the organisation and thinking in terms of collaboration across teams.

Great to be involved and congrats to SE Corp for delivering a successful Digital Strategy Summit.

Tradigital World presentation at DepotX

I love presenting to groups of business owners about Tradigital marketing and I had a blast talking at the Business Depot’s Depot X event.  Such an engaging and interested audience.

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